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UM accelerates positive change for e-commerce platform shop owners and society, we actively select companies with responsible and reputable enduring models; those who are evolving to survive and thrive in the challenges of the future. We are a leading group in impact commerce, serving clients looking to maximize positive change.

We think beyond tomorrow for the sake of customers, and we design and innovate the most innovative services according to the needs of customers. Deep relationships and an active, intelligent use of technology – with award-winning management of the team – give us an edge. Our workplace is designed to allow our people to flourish and achieve their best results.

UM Group offers services in four areas: advertising, store owner services, brand awareness enhancement, and other professional knowledge services. Services include media planning and buying, digital and interactive marketing, public welfare and employment marketing.

Today, the company has ample qualifications and professional promotion services in the global e-commerce and online shopping promotion field. It has more than 10,000 online remote employees globally, covering multiple countries and regions worldwide. It provides professional services such as publicity, promotion, brand awareness enhancement, public welfare and employment marketing to dozens of e-commerce platforms. It also has rich promotion experience and unique promotion methods in North and South America as well as Europe, providing perfect promotion services to e-commerce platforms and store owners.

At UM, the company focuses on the sales and brand awareness of partner e-commerce platforms and store owners, always facing their challenges together. By providing customers with achievable goals, fact-based actual results, unique insights, rigorous research methods, and flexible business operations, UM has won their trust and affirmation.

So far, UM has become the best choice for many e-commerce platforms and store owners to improve their brand awareness and sales, and has a high reputation in this field. The company's business elites have rich experience and can use various methods to solve problems and provide professional analysis and unique insights to partners.